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We spend much of our life engaged in some form of work, whether it’s paid or not. And if you are like the majority of people, you probably spend a good deal of time expressing frustration for some or many aspects of your career. Hence you’ve landed here.

A career was once seen as a privilege and served as a means to an end rather than a role in which to find pleasure. In the past, one was lucky to have had a job (although arguably during times of economic uncertainty, this sentiment still rings true). Career options were limited, and once a choice was made, rarely did one change jobs. Career change was often regarded as failure, lack of focus, or psychological maladaptation.  

Fast forward to present day and a career is a vehicle to provide fulfillment and purpose, passion and meaning. It is a means to generate influence and impact, to contribute, and to develop a legacy. Options are plenty and career change and transition common, although acceptance of the latter still less so. Unfortunately, the evolution of career which now provides increased freedom and options in terms of career decision making, has not been met with the same significance and importance in helping people make those career decisions.  

My goal with this newsletter is to give you the information and skills to navigate your career differently, and to challenge your views about career and yourself. Find new ideas to succeed in your career, explore career options, or change faulty perceptions that hold you and your career back.

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Who is Avra Davidoff?

Avra is a workplace psychologist based in Calgary Alberta. She holds a Master’s in Counselling Psychology, with a career counselling specialization. For over 15 years she has supported people in their career development. Prospective clients often call her from hallways, bathroom stalls, parking garages, cars, or closed door offices to discuss their career. She hopes to further normalize conversations about career in our personal lives and at work.

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